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Ayi Jihu with Kasinova Tha Don, Bobby Brown, Lil mo, Jagged Edge, Shorty Mack, Punjabi MC, Shizz Nitty – Her new album about to hit!

We have been waiting for it a long time and Chinese star Ayi Jihu has not disappointed. Her new album(s) Fear Chaser Chronicles 1 and Fear chaser Chronicles Game Chronicles 1 feature a host of legendary names and bright new stars from all over the world and is set to make a real impression in the music industry.

Since the beginning of the year Shlepp Records and Ayi Jihu stole a march on the Global Entertainment industry with the launch of their Fear Chaser project. It was announced then that Fear Chaser would be a mulit-platform, multi media project spanning Film, Animation, live, music and Game. What has happened since then has taken the world by storm. The Fear Chaser Movie has caught the imagination of Hollywood and the world and a Global movie production team is now in place from China and the US putting together this movie with an estimated 30 million production budget at least.

The Online Ayi Jihu Fear Chaser Game Event kicks off Friday April 15th on one of the worlds largest gaming platforms to 110 Million subscribers. The Chinese version of the Game to follow soon after. Already the Ayi Jihu Fear Chaser Franchise seems like an unstoppable machine destined to be a buzz word for a new generation. With the Comic, animation and TV series all in various stages of production the Fear Chaser Franchise seems completed. But it’s not!

Fear Chaser is about the music, it’s global and it’s about collaboration and the series of Albums connected to it are about to hit. From the beginning of last year Shlepp Records set about its plan to get the artists that they and Ayi Jihu wanted to collaborate on the musical side of the project. Ayi Jihu was not concerned about who was popular or making noise but who was good, great and the legends she listened to while growing up. She wanted the artist that played a part in her development or whos own stories helped her develop her style and fight her fears. She also wanted to find different and new artists, up and coming talent and put them all together in Fear Chaser. She said the idea came to her as a Man Utd fan watching how they blended the New, and the experienced together to make a winning team rather than just going out and spending money getting what is supposed to be hot. She wants the Fear Chaser project and album to work the same.

Featuring songs from her Adventure Quest Online game event, the movie soundtrack, animation and TV series to follow every song and almost every artist is an intrigal part of the Whole Fear Chaser Experience. Some of the artists are even in the movie itself playing themselves.

Ayi Jihu has been in the studio constantly from late last year working and collaborating with artists all over the world and this new series of albums will highlight some brand new tracks. A lot of people are also waiting to hear the tracks with her and urban legend Kasinova Tha Don. Not only do the two play star crossed lovers in the Fear Chaser Movie but they collaborate on several songs over the series of albums and create a vibe that many are wondering just how far are they really involved? The references to Tupac and Kasinova have been discussed over and over and the reference to Ayi Jihu and Madonna is now a global tag she can’t shake if she wants to. Is this Tupac and Madonna getting together? Not quite but the songs Hold you Down and let’s party are both wonderful tracks on the album which will go further to bring these two shinning stars to the world’s attention.

The album will be officially released on May 2nd and will be available on Itunes and all regular download sites. Until then it is only available on pre-release at two sites one in the West Fear chaser music and one in the East Sogua.com. It will also be available from Ayi Jihu’s Fear Chaser clothing line platform Threads Addiction. Yes there is a clothing line too. In fact with The Fear Chaser ‘Real’ Experience also kicking off this month offering the gamers and fans a chance to take a Fear Fighting jump or walk on the world’s highest bungee jump in Macau and also at various other AJ Hackett sites around the world you could say that the Fear Chaser Franchise covers almost everything.

There are two albums, one especially for the Gamers.

The album artists roster (listed Alphabetically) is impressive:

Ayi Jihu
Barry Cox
Bobby Brown
Brian Angel
Cory Wires
Crash Midnight
Eagle E
Jaimie Carter
Jagged Edge
Kasinova Tha Don
Krystle G
Lil Mo
Punjabi Mc
Sherry Davis
Shizz Nitty
Shorty Mack

The Album will go out on the Shlepp Entertainment Ltd/Shlepp Records label.

We are told this is just the beginning with Chronicles albums 2 and 3 already being worked on for later on this year plus the final Chronicles which will see over 14 brand new Ayi Jihu songs. There are more great stars and artists lined up some huge names involved and the plan is for the Albums to start amazing and just continue to improve and get better.

Each of the Albums contain over 15 tracks giving not only great music but great value for money. Ayi Jihu says she does not want to do what everyone else does, she wants to do better, give more and that is what she has done here for sure. For those of you who will be playing the game you will find your favorite songs from the game on both the Albums, but the Game album contains all the songs from the game.

These are truly great albums with great songs from great stars and upcoming stars all brought together by Ayi Jihu. The great thing about them both is that there is something for everyone who loves great music. Rap, R&B, PoP, dance, Rock & Roll even Indie, Funk and Jazz. It’s all there in one great package.

The Albums are available from Friday April 15th exclusively on pre-release on Fear Chaser Music So get yours now!

For more information about Fear Chaser visit www.fear-chaser.info

  1. April 14, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    I looking to forward to listening to this project. The line-up sounds sick…cant wait!!!

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