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Chinese star Ayi Jihu historic online game a massive success!

The much anticipated Ayi Jihu Fear Chaser online game kicked off at midnight GMT and was an outstanding success. AQ.com knew the interest in the game would be good, but even they did not expect thier gamers to pile into the game in the numbers they did, with almost 20,000 lining up to play before the game even started. Thats twice the amount of people in Wembly Arena waiting to watch a digital animated concert.

Before the Game Event launched Ayi as Fear Chaser answered questions from her fans in the lobby area (digital) AQ.com moderators could not control the amount of questions and people trying to speak to Ayi causing them to have to break it off and re-group 30 minutes later.

Before the action truly starts and you go out there and bash some fear monsters you are taken through a story which sets up everything. Your character (whatever you create) becomes inlisted by Ayi Jihu to help her fight some serious fear monsters

All the time the action takes place Ayi Jihu’s music is pumping in the back ground. At this point you are not actualy playing as much as taking part in a digital movie or animation. There are some great, and quite funny bits too, like the animated Ayi Jihu belly dance or the AQ.com take on the patented Ayi Jihu dancing style. I think it would be almost impossible to replicate Ayi’s moves in any animation but they certainly give it a good enough go here.

Fear Chaser does some pretty cool super hero stuff too, jumping from buildings, leaping over crowds with a single jump and landing on poor characters in the game. All done with real style you find yourself getting drawn into the story as it unfolds.

This is all very watchable stuff and you will find yourself smiling and smirking quite a bit as you watch. AQ have obviously not cut any corners here and have produced a really watchable mini animation, that is somewhat interactive.

Once you watch the intro you are then ready to go on your first mission and battle some bad guys with Ayi. You return to the game lobby area which is like a little mini landscape and you will see that the next level is unlocked and you can now go and start fighting your fears. The first fear on your list is Virtigo the fear of heights. We wont spoil it by telling you too much about that but we can say its very playable and interesting too. AQ have taken time to do justice to the whole Ayi Jihu Fear Chaser concept and they have obviously done their research on fears and phobias. Another good thing is as you battle these fears you are joined by other fear fighters who help you out here and there

Serious hardcore gamers may not quite get this, world of warcraft it aint. It’s fun and does not take itself too seriously, and it’s charm is in the story and Ayi Jihu. It also is part of the whole Fear Chaser Franchise and project and from that perspective its a fantastic coupe. From the youngest in your family to the oldest there is something in this game event even if its just watching the animation, some of us older cats might find the game play and lingo a bit daunting.

With the Fear Chaser Chronicles album set about to be released on May 2nd but being made available to Gamers and the public at large on pre-release on Fear Chaser music site you can expect to hearing a lot more about Ayi Jihu – Fear Chaser over the forth coming months.

Adventure Quest can give themselves a big pat on the back for this one. It shoud be a big hit with kids of all ages. It also now seems that Ayi Jihu is set to conquer the digital world as well as the real world in her march towards supers stardom.

For more information, on everything Fear Chaser visit the Fear Chaser site.

To listen to music from the game or check out the Fear Chaser Albums visit the Fear Chaser Music site.

To Play the game on Aq. goto www.AQ.com and if you are not a member register free and hit the play button

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